Wordsmith Writing Coaches

Who We Are

Wordsmith Writing Coaches serve the needs of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students struggling with big writing tasks, especially when English is a second or third language. We can help you:
  tackle that writing assignment (project-oriented tutoring)
  improve your writing skills (process-oriented tutoring)
hone your argumentation, logic, and case-building abilities, making your academic writing cogent and compelling.

Because Wordsmith coaches are spread strategically across the Southland, we can come to you: we are available to meet in any public setting, and possibly in your own home. Our standard fee is $75 per hour. We also may tutor high school students who want to sharpen their reading and writing skills in preparation for the SAT and college.

Wordsmith also offers seminars or workshops for academic writing and academic reading:

The Academic Reading Seminar synthesizes the best ideas of Mortimer Adler and J. Robert Clinton into a uniquely helpful array of strategies and tools called "Three Dimensional Reading."  It will dramatically improve your ability to read like a scholar: efficiently, effectively, wisely. Leave behind forever the tendency to read like a mere student: reading casually not strategically, reading only what seems necessary in the moment, forgetting much of it, and then cramming in a panic to write a paper or pass a test.  Instead, discover and equip your inner scholar!

The Academic Writing Seminar combines the modern PDREP approach with ancient insights from the classical canons of rhetoric and decades of personal experience.  
You will learn where every academic writing assignment actually must begin, when to begin it in earnest, how to overcome every obstacle and pitfall of the writing process, and oft-neglected key elements that every professor hopes to see in every written assignment.  The Academic Writing Seminar will help you approach every writing task with confidence.

We offer two-hour and four-hour versions of each seminar: the two-hour version will convey all the content with just a dash of practice, the four-hour version is more like a workshop with hands-on practice and feedback. 

Nic Nelson, the catalyst for Wordsmith Writing Coaches, is available for editorial work, freelance writing, and PR ghostwriting. However, neither he nor any other Wordsmith coach will do your academic work for you. 

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